10 Words and Phrases That Should Stay in 2012

Posted on January 3, 2013.

Like others, I have an altruistic New Year’s wish for peace, health and happiness.  But let’s be honest, we also wish that stuff that really bugs us would just go away. For me, it’s certain words and phrases that I just want to say goodbye to forever. Create your own list, and every time you hear one of the words or phrases, make the guilty party put a dollar in a “jargon Jar”. Then take the money and celebrate the death of these overused phrases.

So here’s my list. Feel free to copy.

1.    Fiscal Cliff. I want to scream every time I hear this. Why not call it what it is, A Fiscal Disaster.

2.    Think outside of the box. Like disco music, I thought this would go way in the 80’s but it just keeps hanging on.  Why can’t we just use words like innovative, creative, imaginitative?

3.     110%. I don’t know about you, but there is only 100% of me. Maybe the Avengers have a bit more because of their super powers, but I don’t have any.  So all anyone can get from me or any other human is 100%.

4.     At the end of the day. This has always been a crazy term since it’s NEVER about the end of the day. It’s about in the end, so why not just say that?

5.     Bipartisanship. This is just an oxymoron.

6.     No brainer.  I hate when people say this especially if I haven’t actually understood what was said. Now you can’t ask because you’ve already been told that even people with no brain understand the concept.

7.     He/She has a long runway.  They say this about people who have a long career trajectory. Call me crazy, but I don’t’ want my career on the tarmac; I want it to take off. So I’d prefer a short runway.

8.     Open the kimono. Obviously, a man who had something for geisha originated this term. How it found it’s way into the business vernacular to mean revealing information is beyond me.

9.     It’s on my radar. I never had a radar detector in my office. I had priority lists, but no radar.

10.   Literally.  This is a new word just coming into fashion so I’m trying to kill it before it’s too late.  Rob Lowe uses this word all the time, and he is cute, but still, it needs to go.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone who really embraces any of these words or phrases. These are just the ones that drive me crazy.  It’s just what with texting and twitter and everything getting shorter, I thought these would have died a natural death, but they haven’t.