Five Things To Do After You Hire

Posted on October 13, 2011.

You've done the tough part of combing through thousands of resumes and interviewing hundreds of people. Or maybe it just felt like that. Don't declare victory just yet, you have a few more things to do:

Do something nice to welcome them. Trust me, it makes a difference. Taking them to lunch with some teammates, having a little company branded trinket on their desk or a company T-shirt let's them know you are happy they are there. Who doesn't like knowing they are wanted?

Don't forget the paperwork. Uncle Sam won't forget, so save yourself from IRS troubles and make sure you have the new employee fill out the requisite forms. Generally that means an I9 and a W4, but here is a good link for small business owners to have handy:,,id=98164,00.html.

Introduce them to the rest of the team or anyone else that they will come into contact with around the business. I have seen too many new employees sitting at an empty desk looking lost and alone. If you can't do it, designate someone as the new hire's go-to person.

Brief them on office terminology and protocols. Nothing's worse than having people speak in a language you don't understand and can't translate. Or being told after the fact that you have been parking in the CEO's unmarked parking space for a month. Sharing the unwritten rules is a must. Why make them figure it out all by themselves?

Set performance expectations for them now. Make sure your new hire has a clear expectation of what they need to do to succeed on the job.  If not Day 1, make sure it happens during Week 1. Be very clear and put it in writing!

Remember, your new hire will get off to a faster start if you clue them into how things work and what is expected. And that means good things for your business.