So Long For Now

Posted on November 21, 2012.

When Cindy and I started Manage Fearlessly three years ago, I had no intention of doing anything but carrying out our plans to build our community for managers and entrepreneurs.  As fate often does, it threw me a curveball, or two. One came in the form of a major career change for my spouse, and the other came as a surprise job offer for me.  I have learned that life rarely moves in a straight line. 

So I am back on the front line as a manager. Is a management career better the second time around?  It is a little like riding a bicycle, albeit the chain feels a little rusty on this model. A new company and a new team with the universal management challenges: hiring right, getting people in the right jobs, and rewarding them for doing those jobs well. Some things really don’t change.

So the dynamic duo of Cindy and Laura is now a solo enterprise. I may weigh in occasionally as a guest or pop into the forum with a comment or two. I do have Manage Fearlessly bookmarked on my desktop at work so that I can keep up with the latest. It was great fun to be a part of this site and I look forward to watching it grow, but it is with more than a little sadness that I tell the Manage Fearlessly community good bye for now.