Nov 11 2015

Want to Thank our Veterans ? Hire Them!

Unless someone close to you has served, Veterans Day can sometimes end up being about a day off and department store sales with maybe a moment or two devoted to thinking about veterans.Which is kind of crazy. Where would we be without the brave folks who fought for us in World Wars I and II and every conflict thereafter?   The answer can be chilling.  

May 17 2015

Is Management For You?

Many people become managers, but that doesn’t mean they should be managers. 

I’m not talking about not having “what it takes.”  Even if you’re adequately prepared, so much about management has to be learned on the fly and everyone makes mistakes.  I’m talking about whether managementis right for you

Jan 31 2015

The Danger of Judging Others

In a recent WSJ op-ed piece, Rorke Denver, a Navy Seal Commander, wrote an interesting piece about Chris Kyle, the American Sniper.  Mr. Denver, while not agreeing with his statement, defended Michael Moore’s first amendment right to say what he said.


Sep 12 2014

3 Traits of Bad Leadership

Is it just me, or is really bad leadership becoming more commonplace? This week, Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner seems to be the latest example of leadership “don’ts”. Earlier this year, we saw Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie stripped of his Chairman title for making controversial statements. So what traits lead to bad leadership?


Sep 05 2014

What Joan Rivers Taught us About Leadership

Along with millions of people around the globe, I was deeply saddened by the passing of Joan Rivers. She brought the kind of humor I think we could all use a little more of right now. She was ground breaking, gutsy and inspired others. So despite her critics, Joan led her life the way a great leader should by:

Aug 22 2014

Want to be Voted a Top 25 Company to Work For?

Who wouldn’t?  How great to be in the company of the likes of Google, Twitter, Southwest, Proctor & Gamble and 21 others who seem to make the list every year in Glassdoor's annual survey.  So what do these companies have in common that make their employees love to come to work?



Aug 15 2014

The Case for the Solid B Performer

What would happen if you had a whole team of "A" players?  You’d likely be having weekly therapy sessions on your way to becoming “manager of the year”.  Is it worth the higher level of stress and anxiety?