Jul 25 2016

Should I Take My Solopreneurship to the Next Level?

This is the 3rd and final in a series from guest blogger, Jessica Fox, on her life as a solopreneur

When I’ve had to say ‘no’ to a project because of my existing work queue, it’s like a knife in the heart.  In those moments, I toy with the idea of contracting another writer’s help.

Jul 11 2016

5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Being A Solopreneur

This is the second in a series from guest blogger, Jessica Fox, on the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.

When I started out as a freelance writer, it was partially by accident.Growing up and all through college (where I majored in communication), I’d written stories and journaled regularly.


Jun 30 2016

My Life as a Solo-preneur

This is the first in a series from guest blogger, Jessica Fox, on the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.

There are pros and cons to just about every job, but being self-employed is pretty awesome.  I’ve been a freelance writer for several years (and before that a boutique owner), so I’m accustomed to the constant fear of being without income. 


Jul 18 2014

5 Reasons Start-Ups Fail

Here’s an interesting statistic: over 6 million new businesses get started every year,(Forbes). But even more telling is that after 5 years, only half of those businesses survive. As a commercial banker, I worked with a variety of companies for over 25 years.  I've witnessed lots of reasons some of them failed, but when it comes to the smaller, more entrepreneurial ventures there are a few common denominators:


Jun 12 2014

Need Funding? Start with Friends & Family

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business and tried to find funding, the first thing anyone and everyone will tell you is you have to start with friends and family.  This is of course after you’ve depleted your own resources.  Depending on the crowd you hang with, this could be easy or hard. But first and foremost, it must be a business transaction. 

Dec 04 2013

Have you Found Your Replacement Yet?

Or for that matter, have you developed bench strength for your key employees? Can you imagine any NFL team without a back up quarterback?  Even movie and TV directors have assistants that can step in, if needed.  So why do so many business owners and managers fail to follow the simple logic that it’s dangerous to make someone indispensible, even if that someone is you? Waiting too long or failing to build your bench is a dangerous game.

Nov 13 2013

Do You Have a Code of Ethics?

I recently participated on a panel for the 100 Entrepreneurs Project, which provides training for wounded warriors thinking of starting their own business.  The topic was hiring and firing.  It wasn’t too long into the session when someone asked, “How can you fire someone?” and “ What does someone have to do to get fired immediately?”