Sep 20 2012

Join our Webinar and Enhance Your Management Skills

Cindy Flanders is excited to partner with the  Center for Competitive Management and lead a webinar October 5th at 11:00 am EST on  Management Success: Essential Skills to Inspire, Motivate and Be a More Effective Manager.

Are you constantly putting out fires, instead of focusing on the bigger management picture? Is your daily agenda so jam-packed, that you rarely have time to manage strategically?  Is your boss tripping up your ability to manage in a manner that makes sense for your direct-reports and projects?



Feb 17 2012

The PRFE, the Lominger and How They Can Help You Hire the Right People

In the third installment of our conversation with Lynne Kirsner, she talks about two of the lesser-known assessments that she uses: the PRFE and the Lominger. Lynne also tells us how the hiring process works at her company and how she uses the assessments. If you are interested in talking more with Lynne, she can be reached at



You can also check out the rest of the conversation with Lynne by clicking on the podcast link on the home page.


Feb 07 2012

What The Myers Briggs Can Tell You

In this podcast, Lynne Kirsner tells us about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and what it can tell you about the people we work with and hire. You can reach Lynne at



Jan 31 2012

Using Psychological Assessments In Your Business

We recently spoke with Lynne Kirsner, the CEO of Fitch Co. about why and how she uses psychological assessments in her company.  Lynne is such an advocate for the use of these assessments that she became certified in several and consults with other companies on how to use them for their businesses.  You can reach Lynne at          


Oct 06 2011

Aha Moments From Cindy and Laura

In today's podcast Cindy and Laura discuss some of the things they learned when they became managers for the first time in an excerpt from the Manage Fearlessly Survival Guide: Your First 90 Days As A Manager.


Sep 29 2011

How to Deliver Feedback Effectively

Cindy and Laura give a brief how-to on Effectively Delivering Feedback.


Aug 17 2011

Lessons from the Management Trenches

In this interview Co-Founder of Manage Fearlessly, Cindy Flanders, shares some brief lessons learned from her first foray into management.

Do you know someone that has a management lesson to share?  Perhaps they have managed in unusual or extreme situations, or have the reputation as the person to work for?  Drop us a line with your suggestions at  As always, we love to hear from you!

Interview with Cindy