Apr 23 2014

Are You Still Driving Your Ideas Down From the Top?

I recently attended a conference for the National Center of Employee Ownership (NCEO).  As you might expect, there were several keynote speakers, but one in particular caught my attention.


Sep 06 2012

4 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain and Your Office

You’ve heard it all before- “make lists”, “delete emails”, “purge ”, but according to Psychology Today, it’s easier said than done. According to the article, people that have a visceral reaction to de-cluttering are not exaggerating. They experience real pain.  That said, trying to manage people is nearly impossible if you can’t get organized.  How can you make it easier?


May 03 2012

5 Reasons Twitter Should Replace Email

Back in February, I read an article about a company's goal to eliminate e-mails. Theirry Breton, the CEO of a   European IT company plans to put a zero email policy in place by 2013.  He argues that only 10% of the emails are of any value. Most of us would be hard pressed to argue with him, but ZERO emails? Short of reverting back to archaic forms of communication like phone calls and letters, what’s the alternative?  I offer up-Twitter!


Apr 05 2012

Power Versus Influence

Ever witness the frustration of a manager who has the power of a title, but no influence over the people who work for him or her? I once worked in a department where a highly respected manager was promoted out and replaced by someone with no experience, but a close personal relationship with the big boss.  What had been a high performing department began to unravel at the seams.  Everyone liked the new manager, but no one respected him. Why was this a problem?


Mar 15 2012

Management 101- The Performance Review

If you are a new manager, there are few things more intimidating than giving your first review. Read on for a fast how-to on having the dreaded performance conversation, a la Manage Fearlessly:

Feb 23 2012

50 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Manager

We are happy to let you know that Manage Fearlessly was named one of the 50 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Manager by OnlineMBA.com. Here's what they said about us:

"Managing others can be a frightful proposition, but this blog shares great ways to become a fearless manager. (Recommended Post: Resolve To Become A Better Manager In 2012)"


Jan 31 2012

Using Psychological Assessments In Your Business

We recently spoke with Lynne Kirsner, the CEO of Fitch Co. about why and how she uses psychological assessments in her company.  Lynne is such an advocate for the use of these assessments that she became certified in several and consults with other companies on how to use them for their businesses.  You can reach Lynne at lkirsner@fitchco.com.