Aug 15 2014

The Case for the Solid B Performer

What would happen if you had a whole team of "A" players?  You’d likely be having weekly therapy sessions on your way to becoming “manager of the year”.  Is it worth the higher level of stress and anxiety?


Jan 16 2014

5 Simple Truths About Power Selling

I recently read an excellent book on value selling by Jim Holden and Ryan Kubacki, titled The New Power Based Selling.  In my former life as a sales manager, I attended numerous classes on consultative selling, but this book was a great reminder of some simple truths when it comes to being a top-performing salesperson.No matter how much experience you have or what product or service you sell, I have found the  following statement to be true:




Oct 08 2013

The Art of Networking

I’m heading out on vacation so you won’t be hearing from me until I get back in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, hope you enjoy my latest musing.

I’ve been to a fair amount of networking events lately and I’ve noticed a stark difference in how people seem to meet and greet. There’s a reason the word “work” is embedded in networking.  

May 16 2013

The Real Art to the Sales Pitch

If I had a dime for every boring power point presentation I’ve had to sit through I’d have retired a long time ago.  Bankers are in love with “decks” and love to show their prospects and customers how special they are through the use of the written word (or charts and graphs).


Jan 07 2013

Should You Ever Let Your Employees Make Game Changing Decisions?

I’ve been a Redskin fan a long time, so for me, yesterday was just heartbreaking. The question on many people’s mind is why was our quarterback, rookie RGIII, allowed to continue to play with an obviously weakened, injured knee? According to the Washington Post

Oct 26 2012

Stop Cold Calling! 5 Better Ways to Make a Sale

If you work for a company that has cold calling quotas, I feel your pain.  But from my experience, if you call 100 people, you’ll connect with maybe 20 and get maybe 2 appointments.  And you still haven’t made a sale. There're easier ways to make a sale.

Jul 12 2012

Two Attributes Every Great Salesperson Must Have

The recent Harvard Business Review is all about sales.  The first article that caught my eye was about sale’s predictors of success. The other article that struck me was the one on what CEOs need to do to improve sales.  Both are excellent articles and they bring up salient points.  But not sure successful selling is all that complicated.