Feb 21 2015

Finding the Right Connection

Love is definitely in the air this month, and it’s got me thinking about one of the most important aspects of the workplace: job satisfaction. People who drag themselves to work every day and then clock watch all day aren’t living…nor are they fulfilling their potential.   

Aug 07 2014

What Diversity Really Means

Do you have a diversity council at your company?  Are the members primarily made up of women and people of color? If you answered yes to either or both of these, I’m sure you have a very diverse workplace, right?  Maybe not.


Jun 05 2014

5 Tips for Screening the Recent College Grad

Not every company interviews on college campuses. It takes time, money and manpower.  If you did, then you’ve probably already filled your open positions. But if not, chances are these newly minted “millennials” are bombarding you with resumes. What’s a hiring manager to do?


Feb 27 2014

Recruiting Isn't Just for Job Openings

Despite the current unemployment rate, it seems like everyone I know is having a hard time filling open positions. And when I ask business owners about their current challenges, inevitability they will say, “finding top talent”. And yet, when I ask them how they currently recruit people, they say things like, “ we have on campus recruiters, or online postings, etc”. But recruiting shouldn't be delegated to others.



Oct 30 2013

Need to Interview a Potential New Hire? Be Prepared!

Netflix asks some pretty intense questions when they hire. But I would bet they end up with top talent. Not every company needs to ask,  “How do you know if one algorithm is better than another?” But at a high level, the Netflix questions do represent what every company should make sure that they include in the interview process.


Aug 28 2013

Why Are We Still Discriminating?

Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Living just outside of DC at the time, I remember the event well, despite my young age at the time.  While we’ve come a long way from blatant segregation, discrimination is alive and well, especially in corporate America. Why is that?

Jun 19 2013

Being a Good Judge of People Isn’t Always Enough

I had to smile when I read the recent article in Harvard Business Review by Anthony Tjan, CEO of venture firm, Cue Ball. It totally validated what I’ve been saying for years. You can use all the testing and behavior based interviews you want, but being a good judge of people goes a long way to making the right hiring decisions.