Nov 10 2014

Forget Mentors. Find a Sponsor

Notwithstanding that I’ve written more than once about the importance of being mentored, if you really want to get ahead, get a sponsor.  What’s the difference, you might ask?


Sep 23 2014

When They Just Don’t Believe You

Know who the hardest person to manage is?  No, it’s not the underperformer. Nor is it the high maintenance employee.  The absolute hardest person to manage is the person who can’t accurately self-assess. This type of employee never, ever sees himself or herself the way others do. And by others, I mean everyone else.  A recent Harvard Business Review article talks about ways to coach the person that doesn’t want to be coached.  



Jan 08 2014

Why Training Should be for Everyone

In my 20+ years of management, there was one consistent and frequent complaint from my staff and it centered on training that went something like;  “ why can’t I go to that class?  Or “ why won’t the company pay for all of my college credits?” The simple truth is that no matter how old or experienced you are, people want to learn.

Dec 04 2013

Have you Found Your Replacement Yet?

Or for that matter, have you developed bench strength for your key employees? Can you imagine any NFL team without a back up quarterback?  Even movie and TV directors have assistants that can step in, if needed.  So why do so many business owners and managers fail to follow the simple logic that it’s dangerous to make someone indispensible, even if that someone is you? Waiting too long or failing to build your bench is a dangerous game.

Nov 20 2013

Should You Fire or Coach a Poor Performer?

I think many managers try to coach poor performers, especially new managers. If you think about it, professional sports may be the only place where one bad season can cost you your job.   In January of this year alone, twelve coaches and general managers were fired and that was just in the NFL. Even crack smoking mayors like Rob Ford seem to keep their job long past their expiration date.



Jan 25 2013

It's Not Just CEOs Who Need a Succession Plan

Sometimes you can be too good at your job. Take for example my friend Kelly.  Kelly was a very successful market leader in the south. She was well known and respected by her employees, her peers, her clients and her boss. So why when she kept raising her hand for a promotion, was she overlooked?

Jan 17 2013

5 Keys to Getting the Most Out of a Mentor

I had a fairly successful career without a mentor/mentee relationship, but I learned how important they can be and tried hard to find those relationships for many of the people that worked for me and became a mentor to many others. That said, just because you put two people together, doesn’t mean it works.

So how can you get the most of a mentoring relationship?