Mar 09 2016

“Well, That Escalated Quickly”

Yelp! may be underpaying some of their employees, but there are better ways of making your voice heard than writing an open letter to your CEO. If you haven’t heard about Talia Jane and the now viral open letter she wrote ..


Oct 29 2015

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

More than anything else, self-sabotage can totally derail your career.  Recently, I was reminded of this common problem during a conversation with a friend. He’s diligent, smart, a team player and qualified, yet he’s having a hard time taking the next step in his career.  The reason? 


Nov 10 2014

Forget Mentors. Find a Sponsor

Notwithstanding that I’ve written more than once about the importance of being mentored, if you really want to get ahead, get a sponsor.  What’s the difference, you might ask?


Jun 20 2014

Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Career?

I recently saw a segment on Good Morning America that profiled a  commercial around women saying they’re sorry too much.  It was eye opening as I find myself doing the same thing and realized it really is a form of self-sabotage.  But self-sabotage isn’t limited to women and it isn’t limited to your home life.  How many other little things do we do that can derail our careers?

Apr 17 2014

When They Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse- Or Can You?

Long before telecommuting, Skype, and go2meeting, companies would think nothing of asking an employee to re-locate for a job. In fact, many still do.  And when the request fulfills your personal aspirations, no problem. Heck, they’ll even pay to move you. But what if your boss asks you to take a job you don’t want?

Apr 30 2013

4 Tips to Landing Your First Management Role

QUESTION: My manager announced she’s retiring this fall and feels I’m ready to step into her job. She encouraged me to apply for her job. So far, the initial interviewing process has gone well.  I have a second round of interviews coming up and I anticipate that one of their concerns may be that I’ve never managed people before.


Jan 25 2013

It's Not Just CEOs Who Need a Succession Plan

Sometimes you can be too good at your job. Take for example my friend Kelly.  Kelly was a very successful market leader in the south. She was well known and respected by her employees, her peers, her clients and her boss. So why when she kept raising her hand for a promotion, was she overlooked?