Nov 05 2013

Putting the Team Back in Teamwork

I wasn’t surprised to see an article by Brain Amble on "Why we're challenged by teamwork". When I watch reality shows like Top Chef or Project Runway the cast members react to team challenges like they're facing a cholera epidemic. As the article points out, 80% of the people they surveyed find working with others a challenge.


Oct 09 2012

Managing Personality Conflicts

I’ll admit it. I worked with people I really disliked.  It took years, but I managed to find a way to put my personal feelings aside, find some common ground and move forward.  But if you’re the one that has to manage the people that can’t stand each other, you just want to scream, “Can’t we all just get along?” Since that rarely works, try something different.


Aug 16 2012

How to Build Better Teams

“ A rising tide lifts all boats” JFK

Besides the fact they landed a science lab on Mars, what impressed me most about the NASA team was the sense of joy you saw in the faces of every member of the team.  It was clear this was a win for everyone.  Wouldn’t it be great if all teams celebrated this way?

Mar 30 2012

3 Goal Setting Lessons from the Hunger Games

I may not be the target audience of the Hunger Games, but my inner teen self devoured the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. And yes, I’ve already seen the movie.  In fact, the movie started me thinking about goal setting. Let’s face it. If you don’t go about it the right way, setting goals could lead to the death and destruction of your team.

Nov 08 2011

5 Steps to a Great Team Building Event

Fall is a great time for football, changing leaves and Team Building! By now everyone has been knee deep in catch up from summer vacations and needs a break. In fact, a recent WebMD article discusses the correlation between our recent “fall back” on the clock and sleep disorders.  As the article suggests, you need to get outside and get active.  So what better time to bring the team together for some fun? I have to admit, in my former life, we had some pretty awesome team building exercises. Here’s what you need to do...


Oct 31 2011

Encourage Some Fun In Your Workplace Today!

This has been a pretty challenging year for employee morale across most businesses, but today being Halloween gives you as a manager the perfect excuse to inject a little fun into your workplace. Researchers from California State University Long Beach determined that people who have fun at work are more creative, more productive, work better with others, and call in sick less often.

Many people think of Halloween as just an event for children to extort candy from their neighbors in exchange for avoiding "tricks" often involving eggs, soap suds and toilet paper (not necessarily in that order). However, there is no rule preventing adults from a little childish fun. Since the economy has been less than robust, here are some low cost ideas for some Halloween fun in your workplace...

Sep 21 2011

How to Make Collaboration Work for Your Team

Depending on their past experiences with collaboration, your team may not willingly sign up for a group assignment. The role you play as the manager can make a huge difference in whether that collaboration yields results or torture for your team.  Here’s how to get the best results: