Apr 19 2016

Why Aren’t You Taking Your Vacation?

It’s almost summer and hopefully you’re planning to get away. But so many of you fail to take advantage of one of the best benefits your company offers. What part of paid time off are you missing? By not taking ALL of the vacation afforded to you, you are literally leaving money on the table.


Dec 21 2015

Are You a Future Scrooge?

One of my favorite Christmas movies is A Christmas Carol.  While watching it the other day, the scene in which Scrooge is whisked away by the Ghost of Christmas Past struck me as particularly poignant.At first, Scrooge is delighted by the happy scenes he’s presented...

Nov 25 2015

Management Lessons Learned from Black Friday

Thanksgiving is about gratitude, and, no matter your belief system or country of origin, that concept is one that resonates. Also, there’s nothing like gathering around a table with friends and loved ones to do some serious eating. And, let’s be honest, drinking. And then eating again.


Oct 09 2015

How To Work Your Way Back From Summer

Remember what it was like at the start of a new school year? The fresh new backpack, school supplies, classes, and, according to our teachers, a clean academic slate.  Though it was hard to leave summer vacation behind, it was always so exciting  - even if you were nervous - to go back to school. 


Dec 18 2014

Just Breathe

Yes, I’ve noticed that I haven’t updated my blog since Thanksgiving. So I’m going to stop everything right now, sit back, close my eyes and take a deep, full breath. In fact, I think I’ll take a few deep, full breaths….. There-I feel better already.

May 06 2014

5 Steps to Really Vacate on Vacation

Vacations are defined as, “a period spent AWAY from home or business in travel or recreation

And yet, most people have a hard time really getting away from everything. Since it’s almost summer, and since I just returned from a great vacation myself, it seems like a good time to try to help you vacate on your vacation.

Apr 17 2014

When They Make You an Offer You Can’t Refuse- Or Can You?

Long before telecommuting, Skype, and go2meeting, companies would think nothing of asking an employee to re-locate for a job. In fact, many still do.  And when the request fulfills your personal aspirations, no problem. Heck, they’ll even pay to move you. But what if your boss asks you to take a job you don’t want?