Dec 20 2013

5 Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to the Office

Believe it or not, not everyone gets to take off before, after or even during the Holidays. Plus even if they have the time off, there are many people who are away from family and friends and find it hard to find the joy and cheer so many take for granted.  Unless you have Cindy Lou Who working for you, you might want to try some of these ideas:


Sep 04 2013

Freshening Up the Stale Performance Appraisal

Here’s a shocker- half of employees think their performance appraisals are inaccurate and over half feel they don’t motivate performance.  What we've always known has finally been validated by a study completed by Globoforce Consulting. As a manager, I hated completing the “annual” review. They were a boatload of work and were rarely an accurate reflection of performance because:

Aug 21 2013

Using Humor to Help Build Teams

Yes, I have team building on the brain. Maybe it’s because coming back from summer vacations is a great time to think about bringing your team together.   Seeing this article in the Wall Street Journal on effective office humor made me realize that one of the most effective team buildings I was ever part of was based in humor.

Aug 14 2013

Do You Even Know Why You’re Having a Team Building Exercise?

I was speaking with a former colleague today asking him. “Of all the team building events we did, what was the most valuable?”  We both really struggled to find the answer. We listed all the events we had done and narrowed it down to a few.  But we quickly realized the most valuable exercises were the ones where we had a specific purpose in mind.


Aug 07 2013

3 Reasons You Need to Fire the Toxic Employee

I had breakfast the other day with a former colleague who’s now managing his own team.  He asked me. “What do you do when you really don’t like one of your employees?” When asked why, he simply stated, “He treats people horribly and brings down the whole office.” I simply said, “You need to fire him”.

Jul 17 2013

What’s the Real Reason You’re Against Telecommuting?

You know the world is upside down when tech giants like Yahoo ban telecommuting and federal agencies like GSA are encouraging it. The agency that manages over 375 million square feet of office space for the federal government has saved over $24 million in rent by redesigning their own space to support a work from home culture.


Jul 03 2013

Happy Birthday America! Now Take the Day Off.

I'm following my own advice and taking some time off. This is a re-post of a previous blog.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I'm are all about work-life balance.  Allowing people to enjoy the holidays starts with you the manager. So here are some reminders to help both you and your employees enjoy the 4th: