Apr 30 2013

4 Tips to Landing Your First Management Role

QUESTION: My manager announced she’s retiring this fall and feels I’m ready to step into her job. She encouraged me to apply for her job. So far, the initial interviewing process has gone well.  I have a second round of interviews coming up and I anticipate that one of their concerns may be that I’ve never managed people before.


Dec 06 2012

Helping Hiring Managers to Do the Right Thing

Question: I’m a recent college graduate who has been interviewing for jobs since May. I understand it’s a tough time to be looking but that’s not my issue.  My question is, how come I never hear back from them after an interview, even when I’ve had more than one? I send them emails and call, but they go radio silent. How can I improve my chances of getting hired, if I never know what the issues are?

Aug 07 2012

When to Let Go of an Under Performer

Question: I have an employee who is just not working out. I know I need to fire her, but I don’t have a replacement to backfill the position.  Should I wait until I find someone before letting her go?


Jun 13 2012

Create Non-Negotiables Before You Hire

Question: I’m a manager with a new company now and need to hire some people. I’ve been speaking with a colleague who worked with me at my old company and know he’s qualified for the job. I’m just not sure if he’s the right fit. I know sometimes that’s more important than experience. Any tips to help me decide if this is the right person? 


Mar 20 2012

Dealing With Sexual Harassment

Question: I work for a small, family owned business. For the most part, I like my job, but the CFO is always making rude and insulting comments. I’ve looked up sexual harassment online and I know his actions fall into that category. The owners are either unaware or have turned a blind eye to his actions. Is there anything I can do besides quit? 


Mar 06 2012

Dealing With Alcoholism In The Workplace

Question: One of my employees has become increasingly unreliable, sometimes showing up way past their start time and once came in reeking of alcohol. They have worked for me for a few years, but were always a good employee until now. How do I handle this?

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Jan 23 2012

Making the Tough Layoff Decisions

Question: I have a challenging situation. I recently started managing an employee who has been working for this corporation for over thirty years and for most of her tenure has had a pretty good reputation. However, over the past two-three years her attendance has become increasingly poor. Previous managers never addressed the situation and her ratings remained satisfactory. To make matters worse, the business unit she supports has been in decline...