Jan 11 2016

Want to Delegate-But Just Don't Have the Time?

 (reposted from January 2012)

  For most managers, this is an extremely busy time of the year. You’ve likely got goal setting, performance reviews,   bonus discussions and strategic planning. Did I forget to mention you also have the day-to-day responsibility of managing your team?


Mar 19 2014

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

Hard to believe but despite the lingering snow and cold weather throughout a big part of the country, tomorrow is the first day of spring.  In addition to welcoming a new season, spring evokes the idea of rebirth, renewal and cleaning!

Feb 05 2014

Can You Live Without email?

Back in November of 2011, Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos, a French IT company, launched an initiative to eliminate emails by 2014.  Since I wrote about it back in July, I thought I’d check in to see how it was working.


Dec 11 2013

Feeling a Little Busy?

This time of year, it’s somewhat expected that you’re going to feel overwhelmed.  You have this constant nagging voice in your head saying,” Have you finished shopping and decorating?” “Are you mailing cards this year?” When the work voice kicks in, it’s almost too much too bare. What’s a person to do?


Jul 09 2013

5 Tips for Staying in Your Vacation Zone

The week of the 4th is great time to take off. In fact, according to WikiAnswers, it is THE most popular vacation week of the year. So I’m going to assume that for most of you, the margarita at the pool or beach is now a distant memory as you dig out of what you tried to ignore last week. So here’s a few tips on trying to stay in your vacation zone a little bit longer:


Oct 15 2012

The Keys to Effective Delegation

Are you one of those people whose office could star in TLC’s “Hoarders, Buried Alive”? But you love to tell everyone you know exactly where everything is? Here’s a news flash- you don’t! And if the proverbial “bus” hits you, you won’t.  The reality is that if you can’t manage yourself, you can’t manage others. At least not in the long run. 

Sep 06 2012

4 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain and Your Office

You’ve heard it all before- “make lists”, “delete emails”, “purge ”, but according to Psychology Today, it’s easier said than done. According to the article, people that have a visceral reaction to de-cluttering are not exaggerating. They experience real pain.  That said, trying to manage people is nearly impossible if you can’t get organized.  How can you make it easier?