November 2011

Nov 08 2011

5 Steps to a Great Team Building Event

Fall is a great time for football, changing leaves and Team Building! By now everyone has been knee deep in catch up from summer vacations and needs a break. In fact, a recent WebMD article discusses the correlation between our recent “fall back” on the clock and sleep disorders.  As the article suggests, you need to get outside and get active.  So what better time to bring the team together for some fun? I have to admit, in my former life, we had some pretty awesome team building exercises. Here’s what you need to do...


Nov 04 2011

3 Reasons Why Good Employees Don't Always Make Good Managers

Reading about MF Global declaring bankruptcy under former NJ Governor Jon Corzine's leadership made me think about the most common mishap in management: promoting a top performing employee right into failure. It is a common problem, but it is easier to prevent than you think...


Nov 02 2011

Importance of Employee Retention

I recently “stumbled” upon an article on the Cost to hire and train a new employee. For even low wage earners, you can spend up to ½ of someone’s salary replacing them (not including any potential signing bonus).  And the reality is there is always the risk that the new hire will not work out. So it never ceases to amaze me how many people take an “oh well” attitude towards turnover.  I’ve heard too many executives say...