February 2012

Feb 29 2012

Management Nightmares

I saw my first episode of Kitchen Nightmares recently. I was mainly interested because it was focused on a local restaurant that had been in the center of a large controversy. As the show unfolded, I realized there were a couple of management lessons to be learned from this particular story. The restaurant in question had been around for twenty years, but in the last year, the owner had managed to severely alienate the entire community. As the city boycotted her restaurant, the owner seemed to spiral into a micromanaging terror, shooting herself in the foot at every turn. So, where is the lesson is this?

Feb 27 2012

Have You Overlooked the Jeremy Lin on Your Team?

Try as I might, I can no longer resist the obvious message that "Linsanity" brings to the workplace.  We’ve all been stupefied when really talented people get overlooked for promotions. The situation is made worse when someone truly incompetent or just unlikable gets the job instead.  How many times have you overlooked someone because of built in prejudices?  


Feb 23 2012

50 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Manager

We are happy to let you know that Manage Fearlessly was named one of the 50 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Manager by OnlineMBA.com. Here's what they said about us:

"Managing others can be a frightful proposition, but this blog shares great ways to become a fearless manager. (Recommended Post: Resolve To Become A Better Manager In 2012)"


Feb 21 2012

4 Ways to Tell if Your Employee is Leaving

With February being a big month for bonus payouts and the jobless claims at a four year low, it’s not a great time to feel overly confident and smug about thinking your top performers aren’t going anywhere.  And if you work for one of the many companies that had to cut cash bonuses or delete them altogether, you need to take a hard look at who’s at risk.  How can you tell?


Feb 17 2012

The PRFE, the Lominger and How They Can Help You Hire the Right People

In the third installment of our conversation with Lynne Kirsner, she talks about two of the lesser-known assessments that she uses: the PRFE and the Lominger. Lynne also tells us how the hiring process works at her company and how she uses the assessments. If you are interested in talking more with Lynne, she can be reached at lkirsner@fitchco.com.



You can also check out the rest of the conversation with Lynne by clicking on the podcast link on the home page.


Feb 15 2012

3 Ways to Manage Office Romances

Since Valentine’s Day was yesterday, it’s hard not to think about love and romance. You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t mess where you eat”, but according to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 37% of employees say they have been romantically involved with a co-worker.  That’s really not such a shocking figure, but 1 in 10 admit to having sex....


Feb 13 2012

A Short List of Bad Interviews

I haven’t been on the interviewee side of the table in a long time, but several of my friends have recently. Maybe it’s because of the lackluster economy, but it seems that candidates get treated pretty poorly. Maybe the interviewers don’t know any better, but it wouldn’t hurt for them to think about the experience they’re giving potential employees.  After all, what comes around goes around and Karma can really be a bitch. So here is a short list of bad interviewing skills: