May 2012

May 31 2012

Work is no Place for Negative Emotions

Harvard Business Review recently wrote an article on working with someone you hate. The tips are great and it’s nice to know how to deal with hatred. But is the workplace any place for hate, anger, bigotry or any other extreme negative emotion?



May 29 2012

Can You Manage Up and Still be a Great Manager?

How many times have you heard someone say, “I can’t believe xxx got promoted. I couldn’t stand working for him. He spent all his time managing up”.   Is it possible to be a great boss and still shine in the eyes of the powers that be?


May 25 2012

Is Crying in the Office Ever Okay?

When I worked in corporate America, I use to have a lot of aphorisms like,"die before you cry at work", or (to new managers) "someone will be in your office within two weeks crying".

So is crying at work such a bad thing? Depends


May 21 2012

Don't Judge a Book.....

My nephew’s college graduation was yesterday (Go Terps!).  Lucky me, I was one of the six chosen ones to view the commencement ceremony in person. Let’s face it, these rituals aren’t exactly on anyone’s bucket list. But I thought maybe the speaker would be really great like Steve Jobs at Stanford or Bono at University of Pennsylvania. So I went online to find that we had snagged.........


May 17 2012

5 Ways to Tell if You’re Playing Favorites

Managers are only human, despite what you’re employees may say. So it’s not surprising that in a recent Georgetown University study , 92% of senior business executives said they’ve seen favoritism play out in promotions.  Oddly, only 23% of those same executives admit to practicing favoritism themselves. So how can you tell if you’re one of the clueless ones?



May 15 2012

Why Jack Welch Just Doesn't Get It

bias |ˈbīəs| noun

Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

May 11 2012

Can You Cash Out of Your Business But Keep the Legacy Alive?

We’re excited to present our guest blogger, Verit Advisors. Verit has been a strong supporter and sponsor of Manage Fearlessly and on top of that, they’re really smart people. For all  business owners, this is a must read.


Verit Advisors’ view is that demographic, social and current macro-economic factors are supportive of increased employee ownership strategies for privately held middle market businesses.  We believe...