August 2012

Aug 31 2012

Removing the Stigma of Mental Illness

I’m on the board of the Mental Health Association of Montgomery County. They’re a wonderful organization that in addition to providing direct services works to eliminate the stigma of mental illness.  So I read with interest a recent WSJ article about managing mental health at work. When you think about the fact that “more than 1 in 4 American adults have a diagnosable mental disorder”, you wonder how companies have managed to ignore this issue for so long.


Aug 29 2012

It's Time to Embrace Social Media at Work

I’ve been pretty vocal about the need for companies to embrace social media, not block it.  So it was nice to come across a Forbes’s article, where digital expert, Erik Qualman, discusses the 4 things companies need to do in the digital future.

Of the four items he discusses, the two that any company and any team could employ today are:


Aug 24 2012

5 Ways to Become a Great Place to Work

It's not about the money, money, money,”Jessie J recently assembled a list of top 25 companies  that encourage work-life balance Since they recently ranked the top 25 companies to work for, I wanted to see where the overlap was and what’s really important to employees.  Big surprise- it’s not about the money. So what is important?



Aug 22 2012

3 Ways to Determine if you Should Counteroffer

Recently, a former colleague accepted a job with a competitor.  He gave his notice, said it wasn’t up for negotiation and went to leave. The company dragged him back him, gave him a new job and a significant raise to retain him. Did they do the right thing?  Time will tell, but here’s some tips to help you decide when to let them walk and when to try to keep them:

Aug 20 2012

Bringing Customer Service Back

I just came back from a trip to Barcelona.  What an amazingly beautiful city.  But what struck me the most was that everyone in Barcelona takes customer service seriously.  They have a passion for it and it seems effortless.  Maybe it’s just a way of life there, but seriously, why can’t everyone be like that?


Aug 16 2012

How to Build Better Teams

“ A rising tide lifts all boats” JFK

Besides the fact they landed a science lab on Mars, what impressed me most about the NASA team was the sense of joy you saw in the faces of every member of the team.  It was clear this was a win for everyone.  Wouldn’t it be great if all teams celebrated this way?

Aug 14 2012

3 Reasons Why it’s Easier to Coach an Olympian than an Employee

I really love the 2012 Olympics.  What’s not to like? You get to look at elite athletes, nail biting competitions and the joys of winning.  It’s obvious the life of the Olympian is nothing but hard work, but I started thinking about how easy the coaches have it.  Think about it. How easy would your life as a manage be if: