September 2012

Sep 28 2012

The Problem with Pre-Employment Testing

More and more job applicants are being asked to take personality tests. I’d like to believe it’s one small arrow in a quiver of screening methods, but it’s likely to be the one the company weighs the most.  A recent WSJ article discusses some of the inherent biases in this kind of testing but what else is wrong with pre-hire testing?


Sep 24 2012

5 Ways to Find Out if You Lead by Example

One of the biggest challenges managers face is realizing that their actions are no longer their own. You may not notice it, but your staff is watching what you do and say every day.  You’re setting the tone and culture of your office and so you might want to double check if you really set the right example.


Sep 20 2012

Join our Webinar and Enhance Your Management Skills

Cindy Flanders is excited to partner with the  Center for Competitive Management and lead a webinar October 5th at 11:00 am EST on  Management Success: Essential Skills to Inspire, Motivate and Be a More Effective Manager.

Are you constantly putting out fires, instead of focusing on the bigger management picture? Is your daily agenda so jam-packed, that you rarely have time to manage strategically?  Is your boss tripping up your ability to manage in a manner that makes sense for your direct-reports and projects?



Sep 18 2012

Can We Finally Get Rid of Annual Performance Appraisals?

The HR blog, Fistful of Talent, recently opined about the archaic exercise of the annual performance review.  I honestly don’t know anyone who likes them. Not the person having to complete them and certainly not the people receiving them.  Can’t we just all find a way to bury them for good?


Sep 13 2012

Making Your Workplace Meaningful

My friend Scott recently left a job in the retail industry after over 25 years. He now works for the Humane Society finding homes for abused, neglected and abandoned animals. He feels his life has meaning now and loves his job.  But do you have to abandon your life in the world of corporate profit making to find meaning in you job?


Sep 11 2012

5 Lessons Learned From Bad Bosses

They say there are two things certain in life- death and taxes. I would argue there’s a third- working for a bad boss.  And since I just wrote about how to get rid of a bad boss, I thought you might be able to learn something from them before they go.

Sep 06 2012

4 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain and Your Office

You’ve heard it all before- “make lists”, “delete emails”, “purge ”, but according to Psychology Today, it’s easier said than done. According to the article, people that have a visceral reaction to de-cluttering are not exaggerating. They experience real pain.  That said, trying to manage people is nearly impossible if you can’t get organized.  How can you make it easier?