October 2012

Oct 28 2012

Ready for Anything?

As the East prepares for Sandy, I thought it might be a good idea to reprint our blog from August, 2011, when we readied for Hurrricane Irene.

As I looked at my appointment calendar this week, I didn't have an earthquake and a hurricane on my to-do list, but I certainly had to deal with the aftermath, or shock, of one and the preparations for the other. 

Oct 26 2012

Stop Cold Calling! 5 Better Ways to Make a Sale

If you work for a company that has cold calling quotas, I feel your pain.  But from my experience, if you call 100 people, you’ll connect with maybe 20 and get maybe 2 appointments.  And you still haven’t made a sale. There're easier ways to make a sale.

Oct 23 2012

Fixing These 3 Mistakes Can Help Accelerate Your Career

I made many mistakes in my 40-year career, but while you learn something from almost every mistake, some mistakes can transform you. These are the 3 that changed my career path and may hopefully help yours:

Oct 19 2012

5 Traits Bosses Find Annoying

Already your thinking, “only 5?” After managing people for over 20 years, I thought I’d hone in on the ones that just never seem to go away.  Admittedly, everyone has their own pet peeves, but these are mine:

Oct 17 2012

Will Election Day Ever Get Here?

If you’re like me, you’re getting sick of all the political ads, political rhetoric, Facebook chatter and debate discussions. But what do you do when it seeps into the office? Can visceral dialogue about a candidate lead to rage in the office, as a recent WSJ article suggests? How can you respect people’s First Amendment rights, but keep peace in the office?

Oct 15 2012

The Keys to Effective Delegation

Are you one of those people whose office could star in TLC’s “Hoarders, Buried Alive”? But you love to tell everyone you know exactly where everything is? Here’s a news flash- you don’t! And if the proverbial “bus” hits you, you won’t.  The reality is that if you can’t manage yourself, you can’t manage others. At least not in the long run. 

Oct 11 2012

4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

My father use to always say,” You’re lucky if 20% of the managers you work for are good at what they do”.  Turns out, he overshot it.  According to a recent Orion Partners study found in Management Today, less than 5% of employees have faith in their bosses’ leadership. Is it any wonder employee engagement is at record lows?