November 2012

Nov 28 2012

5 Keys to Effective Communication

Being able to communicate what’s expected of your employees is critical. But so is creating a dialogue and relationship that makes them want to execute that expectation.  How you communicate is as important as what you communicate.   What can you do to be more effective?

Nov 26 2012

A Better Way to Get Buy-In

I know most people don’t really care that much about college athletics.  But when Maryland decided to leave the ACC for the Big 10, I wasn’t the only one in shock. It seemed like it was in the paper one day, and a done deal the next. What happened to getting stakeholders to buy-in to major decisions?

Nov 21 2012

So Long For Now

When Cindy and I started Manage Fearlessly three years ago, I had no intention of doing anything but carrying out our plans to build our community for managers and entrepreneurs.  As fate often does, it threw me a curveball, or two. One came in the form of a major career change for my spouse, and the other came as a surprise job offer for me.  I have learned that life rarely moves in a straight line. 

Nov 19 2012

Questions You Should Ask Before You Rehire

Many years ago I was in the process of rehiring someone who left for “greener pastures”. One of my clients told me it was a bad idea and that he had a policy of never rehiring someone who left voluntarily.  Unfortunately, I didn’t follow his advice and my rehire left again in less than 18 months.  Short of having a zero rehire policy, how do you determine when it might be okay to rehire?

Nov 15 2012

7 Things You Should Never Say When You Fire Someone

Unfortunately, I’ve had my fair share of having to let people go. You can call it firing or downsizing, but it’s basically the same thing. You’re ending someone’s livelihood. Today’s WSJ had an article on The Best Ways to Fire Someone with some solid tips. But it didn’t go far enough.  There are some things you want to make sure you never say when you have to cut the cord.

Nov 12 2012

Is it Ever Alright for a Leader to Have an Affair?

The Petraeus affair has lit up twitter, Facebook and every other type of media. There seems to be a 50/50 split over whether he should have resigned or not.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein appears anti-resignation, as does Diane Brady, a contributor for Business Week. But when you’re in a position of power, is it ever okay?

Nov 07 2012

6 Ways to Motivate Without Money

Whether you call it motivation or employee engagement, everybody wants the same thing- a workforce that wants to show up and wants to give 100%.  But with incentive pools being cut and raises almost passé, what can you do?