February 2013

Feb 26 2013

The Problem with Yahoo’s Telecommuting Decision

The recent announcement from Yahoo to force telecommuters back to the office comes on the heels of Bank of America’s announcement in December to limit it's "My Work" flex schedules.  This is a disturbing trend at a time when employees are asking for more and more flexibility and work-life balance.

Feb 21 2013

3 Ways to Make Your Year-End Assessments Like the Oscars

My friends know that I’m a tad obsessed about all things entertainment.  I subscribe to the quasi-legitimate People and Us, and the very legitimate Entertainment Weekly. So come Academy Award time, like this weekend, I’m in my element.  It got me thinking, why don’t managers assess and reward people like the Oscars do?

Feb 14 2013

Why All Organizations Should Provide Mental Health Training

My nephew lives 3 doors down from the recent murder/suicide in College Park, Maryland.  You really start to think about how these events can be prevented when they hit so close to home.  The student who committed the crime was described by his family as having a mental illness. 


Feb 11 2013

6 Fun Things to do at Work

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you’re probably wishing you were anywhere but work.  And if you’re in the NE, you’re still digging out of your 28 plus inches of snow.  So isn’t everyone ready for a little fun at work? 

Feb 05 2013

Why You Need a Social Media Policy Now!

There was a great article in Fast Company recently that provided guidelines on what you can or can’t fire someone for when it comes to their social media communications.   Surprisingly, tweeting about your lousy working conditions may or may not get your fired, depending on whether you’re alone. So besides knowing the law, why is it critical to have a social media policy?