March 2013

Mar 27 2013

What CEOs Don’t Understand About Telecommuting

First it was Yahoo, now Zappo’s CEO, Tony Hsieh has stated "we don't really telecommute" and is investing  $350 million on a new Las Vegas Office building to prove it.  These CEOs and executive’s use phrases like ” building relationships”, “improving communications and collaboration”. But does this really happen when you force people back in the office?

Mar 21 2013

A Banker’s Perspective on Why Businesses Fail

As a commercial banker, I was fortunate to be able to meet hundred of Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Business Owners.  I’ve seen the best in class and witnessed several implode. There may be a myriad of reasons these owner/CEOs give you when they fail, but when you peel away the BS, it almost always comes down to one thing:

Mar 12 2013

Why Can’t Women Support Other Women?

Talk about a double standard.  The negative reaction to Sheryl Sandberg's new book “Lean In” is causing such a visceral reaction. And sadly, the negativity is primarily from women. I’ve seen numerous comments along the lines of,


Mar 06 2013

5 Must Have Components of a Business Plan

I was recently asked to be a judge for Pitch Dingman, where students at the University of Maryland pitch their business ideas.  It was an honor and I was more than a little impressed.  Besides the ideas being beyond brilliant, one thing every presentation had is what every business plan should also contain.