May 2013

May 30 2013

The Importance of On-boarding

Early on in my management career, for a new hire I would give them a desk and a phone and move on. I never even knew the term: “on-boarding”. But as the WSJ recently pointed out, there may be only two workdays you really remember, your first and your last. So why do so many companies put such little effort into someone’s first impression?

May 27 2013

4 Reasons You Should Hire a Wounded Warrior

In honor of Memorial Day, I'm re-posting this blog in hopes it might inspire you to hire a veteran.

I was recently introduced to an organization, the 100 Entrepreneurs Project.  This group was "created to provide seriously wounded service members, veterans and their families with information and ideas for creating their own business. “ 


May 21 2013

Getting Your First Business Loan

I’ve been fortunate enough to teach a couple of classes at Walter Reed through the 100 Entrepreneurs Project.  The program provides valuable information and visits from real business owners to wounded veterans who want to start their own business.  Needless to say, financing is often top of mind.  

May 16 2013

The Real Art to the Sales Pitch

If I had a dime for every boring power point presentation I’ve had to sit through I’d have retired a long time ago.  Bankers are in love with “decks” and love to show their prospects and customers how special they are through the use of the written word (or charts and graphs).


May 09 2013

The Importance of Checking References

Every year, I have at least 3 or 4 people call to ask if I’ll be a reference.  Only about a third of the people actually call me.  And when they do, they don’t ask very insightful questions.  A recent  Globe & Mail  article does a great job of phrasing questions in such a way that you're really going to get at what your candidate was really like.