September 2013

Sep 25 2013

Need to Fire Someone? Here’s What You Should Know

Kudos to any manager out there who’s been able to survive without firing anyone.  No offense, but you’re either extremely lucky or a major conflict avoider.  Be honest, did you just transfer your problem to another department? Firing someone is one of the hardest things you ever have to do, but do it you must.


Sep 18 2013

Why All Organizations Should Provide Mental Health Training

In light of what happened this week at the navy yard I hope you'll indulge me and allow me to re-post this blog from back in February.  As I state here, it's important to remember that over 90% of all people with a mental illness are non-violent. But tragedies like this remind us that we need to create awareness and training now!


Sep 11 2013

The Truth About Managing Managers

If you’re a front line supervisor or managing individual producers, you may look at your boss and think, “She’s always so stressed, glad I don’t have her job”.  Wrong! Moving from working in the weeds to managing people like you is like the feeling stay at home moms have when their kids start school. Both are well kept secrets.



Sep 04 2013

Freshening Up the Stale Performance Appraisal

Here’s a shocker- half of employees think their performance appraisals are inaccurate and over half feel they don’t motivate performance.  What we've always known has finally been validated by a study completed by Globoforce Consulting. As a manager, I hated completing the “annual” review. They were a boatload of work and were rarely an accurate reflection of performance because: