October 2013

Oct 30 2013

Need to Interview a Potential New Hire? Be Prepared!

Netflix asks some pretty intense questions when they hire. But I would bet they end up with top talent. Not every company needs to ask,  “How do you know if one algorithm is better than another?” But at a high level, the Netflix questions do represent what every company should make sure that they include in the interview process.


Oct 23 2013

The 4 Keys to Super Success

I had to chuckle when I read the recent Forbes list on what super successful people do before 8:00 am. I’m not saying some super successful people MAY do some of these things, but come on, do you really think having a healthy breakfast will turn you into the next Jeff Bezos?  After over 25 years working with both successful, and not so successful entrepreneurs and CEOs, here’s my own list of what I think it takes:

Oct 08 2013

The Art of Networking

I’m heading out on vacation so you won’t be hearing from me until I get back in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, hope you enjoy my latest musing.

I’ve been to a fair amount of networking events lately and I’ve noticed a stark difference in how people seem to meet and greet. There’s a reason the word “work” is embedded in networking.  

Oct 02 2013

5 Business Practices Past Their Expiration Dates

The recent Harvard Business Review article about the growing obsolescence of voice mail, really hit home for me. Unless it’s critical, I never leave a voice mail. If I need someone and can’t get them by phone, I leave a text or email. Doesn’t everyone?  What other practices are heading beyond their “past due” dates?