November 2013

Nov 27 2013

10 Things I’m Grateful for this Year

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. The focus is on food and gratitude. What’s not to like?  As we head into the holiday tomorrow, why not really take some time to think about what you’re thankful for and make a list. Sometimes putting it in writing can become a constant reminder.  So here’s my list:


Nov 20 2013

Should You Fire or Coach a Poor Performer?

I think many managers try to coach poor performers, especially new managers. If you think about it, professional sports may be the only place where one bad season can cost you your job.   In January of this year alone, twelve coaches and general managers were fired and that was just in the NFL. Even crack smoking mayors like Rob Ford seem to keep their job long past their expiration date.



Nov 13 2013

Do You Have a Code of Ethics?

I recently participated on a panel for the 100 Entrepreneurs Project, which provides training for wounded warriors thinking of starting their own business.  The topic was hiring and firing.  It wasn’t too long into the session when someone asked, “How can you fire someone?” and “ What does someone have to do to get fired immediately?”

Nov 05 2013

Putting the Team Back in Teamwork

I wasn’t surprised to see an article by Brain Amble on "Why we're challenged by teamwork". When I watch reality shows like Top Chef or Project Runway the cast members react to team challenges like they're facing a cholera epidemic. As the article points out, 80% of the people they surveyed find working with others a challenge.