May 2014

May 27 2014

Are Bonuses for Reward or Retention?

It depends.  I know that sounds very lawyer-like, but the reality is that bonuses can and should be used for both reward and retaining top talent.  The difference lies in how well the company is performing and what expectations have been set.



May 16 2014

The Difference Between Delegating and Empowering

So many managers pride themselves on being great delegators.  They think because they’re handing off all the lousy work they don’t want to do, they’re empowering their employees. Wrong! Empowerment, as the word implies, makes people feel they have some power over their work and their destiny.


May 06 2014

5 Steps to Really Vacate on Vacation

Vacations are defined as, “a period spent AWAY from home or business in travel or recreation

And yet, most people have a hard time really getting away from everything. Since it’s almost summer, and since I just returned from a great vacation myself, it seems like a good time to try to help you vacate on your vacation.