August 2014

Aug 22 2014

Want to be Voted a Top 25 Company to Work For?

Who wouldn’t?  How great to be in the company of the likes of Google, Twitter, Southwest, Proctor & Gamble and 21 others who seem to make the list every year in Glassdoor's annual survey.  So what do these companies have in common that make their employees love to come to work?



Aug 15 2014

The Case for the Solid B Performer

What would happen if you had a whole team of "A" players?  You’d likely be having weekly therapy sessions on your way to becoming “manager of the year”.  Is it worth the higher level of stress and anxiety?


Aug 07 2014

What Diversity Really Means

Do you have a diversity council at your company?  Are the members primarily made up of women and people of color? If you answered yes to either or both of these, I’m sure you have a very diverse workplace, right?  Maybe not.