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Kudos for Manage Fearlessly’s founder Cindy Flanders

“Through thoughtful conversation and probing questions,Cindy helped me to define key characteristics of my own ideal career and a path for professional achievement. Perhaps more importantly, she also helped me to identify what I didn’t want to do, which gave me the confidence to decline offers that were not a perfect fit …”

C.S. Senior Financial Analyst


“Cindy came in and did a great job assessing individual strengths and developmental needs, as well as validating changes to strengthen our Leadership Team. She designed personal development plans to improve our effectiveness on individual and group levels, as well as positively impacting the cohesiveness of our team. We look forward to Cindy’s continued coaching and expertise.”

Chip Lusk, Jr. CEO, IDB-IIC Federal credit Union


“Cindy’s an authentically practical coach with a style that allows me to consistently create my own self-realized blueprint to success.  Her approach is relevant, unassumingly dynamic and effectively gets results that at the end of every conversation encourages confidence in my skills and ability to WIN!!!”…

Karla C., Account Manager, Bialek Environment


“I worked for Cindy Flanders for just over a year (much too short a time)  and during that time I found her to be intelligent, insightful, straightforward, and an amazing coach…”

K. T. SVP Bank of America Merrill Lynch


“Cindy Flanders was the no nonsense boss who told you how it was with unvarnished honesty…she was not only a talented manager, but a compassionate one as well, allowing a naive young man to find his way with her support…”

S. B Dillon, Colo


“Cindy shaped my career ……Her honest and direct feedback on my strengths and development opportunities was invaluable. More importantly, she regularly and pro-actively assessed my progress to ensure that I was on the correct path in my development.”

B. P., SVP Capital One Bank, N.A.


“Cindy Flanders was my first manager when I graduated from the University of Maryland ……What I loved about Cindy from the very beginning was her honesty. Not only was she honest, but she always knew exactly how to effectively communicate her honesty. I believe this is what made her an exceptional manager… Her style is unique because she always looked at management as a team effort and encouraged her employees to seek for themselves, the best way to grow, improve and perform to their optimal level - as opposed to your run-of-the-mil manager who seeks only to tell you what to do and how to do it….”

A.W., City National Bank


“Cindy was my manager at NationsBank for 2 years …….Through her years of experience and her direct approach, Cindy has developed a wide range of strategies and real-world business practices to win business and succeed. I highly recommend Cindy for management coaching skills and have benefited greatly from her advice over the years.”

Todd McDonald, Managing Director, Comerica Bank


“I worked for Cindy Flanders both directly and indirectly for approximately 13 years….She truly is one-of-a-kind. She is always fair and she treats people with respect …She is also the queen of feedback. She never missed an opportunity to provide timely, candid, balanced feedback. Cindy has a calm, unflappable leadership style that is contagious. She was optimistic and realistic at the same time. Her approach allowed us to operate in an open environment with high levels of morale and high levels of employee satisfaction. …..I recently moved into a management role and often find myself reflecting on the lessons learned while working with Cindy.”

Matt Beardall, SVP Bank of America Merrill Lynch


“I have known Cindy Flanders for over 30 years…She is an effective Commercial Credit Manager, a Sales Professional like no other, and quite simply, the best leader with whom I have ever worked.. Cindy also possesses integrity, ethics and an honesty that is beyond reproach. I would jump at an opportunity to work with her again.”

Sherry Drescher Fort Mill, SC


“The Best Advice I ever received was from Cindy:

  • People quit on managers not on institutions.
  • A great manager spends the majority of their time with their direct reports.
  • If you don’t take vacation time to refresh yourself, you will not be able to take care of your clients.”

K.M., Rockville, MD


Cindy Flanders was my manager during a time when Bank of America was unveiling a new approach to serving their commercial clients. The approach immediately produced increases sales, superior service, and improved client retention. Its implementation was successful because of her ability to create a positive working environment, allow freedom to operate to the best of one’s abilities, and maintain a sharp focus on goals. She played an important role in changing the sales culture.  I enjoyed working with her and will always be grateful.

Mike Kemper, SVP, Bank of America

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