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Jul 18 2014

5 Reasons Start-Ups Fail

Here’s an interesting statistic: over 6 million new businesses get started every year,(Forbes). But even more telling is that after 5 years, only half of those businesses survive. As a commercial banker, I worked with a variety of companies for over 25 years.  I've witnessed lots of reasons some of them failed, but when it comes to the smaller, more entrepreneurial ventures there are a few common denominators:


Jul 11 2014

How Game of Thrones is Like Corporate America

I tried to watch the ubiquitous Game of Thrones when it first came out.  But the myriad of characters, the special language used and constant change in direction completely confused me. Sound familiar?


Jun 26 2014

6 Phrases Successful Leaders Should Always Use

I recently came across a Business Insider article on phrases successful people never use. Trying to put a positive spin on the issue, here are phrases that every successful leader should use:

Jun 20 2014

Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Career?

I recently saw a segment on Good Morning America that profiled a  commercial around women saying they’re sorry too much.  It was eye opening as I find myself doing the same thing and realized it really is a form of self-sabotage.  But self-sabotage isn’t limited to women and it isn’t limited to your home life.  How many other little things do we do that can derail our careers?

Jun 12 2014

Need Funding? Start with Friends & Family

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business and tried to find funding, the first thing anyone and everyone will tell you is you have to start with friends and family.  This is of course after you’ve depleted your own resources.  Depending on the crowd you hang with, this could be easy or hard. But first and foremost, it must be a business transaction. 

Jun 05 2014

5 Tips for Screening the Recent College Grad

Not every company interviews on college campuses. It takes time, money and manpower.  If you did, then you’ve probably already filled your open positions. But if not, chances are these newly minted “millennials” are bombarding you with resumes. What’s a hiring manager to do?


May 27 2014

Are Bonuses for Reward or Retention?

It depends.  I know that sounds very lawyer-like, but the reality is that bonuses can and should be used for both reward and retaining top talent.  The difference lies in how well the company is performing and what expectations have been set.



May 16 2014

The Difference Between Delegating and Empowering

So many managers pride themselves on being great delegators.  They think because they’re handing off all the lousy work they don’t want to do, they’re empowering their employees. Wrong! Empowerment, as the word implies, makes people feel they have some power over their work and their destiny.